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Hot- Special Black Shiny Eyelids Makeup

The most charming and beautiful part of body is eyes. The eyes are the attractive part of body also. Eyes makeup can make you more gorgeous , stylish and attractive. So here i am going to tell you how to apply black shiny eyelid makeup.
These are a few basic steps.
  • Use solid Blake sketch to prepare eye makeup outlines.
  • From start of middle upper lash draw a line towards the outer boundary.
  • Close the eye and draw second line smoothly within a space in between them.
  • Fill up the area between outlines care fully with solid black color.
  • Also in the same way highlight the lower lash with same dark black color.
  • At the bottom do not make any extra lines just draw the single one in smooth way.
  • Now using the brush apply little bit sparkle and spill it on the black color are in upper lash.
  • In the last step prepare they eyelashes with brush to look more charming and gorgeous.

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