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Hot- Awesome Trick For Precise Liner For Girls

Trick For Precise Liner For Girls. It is very technical and required more expertise to apply cat eye liner makeup. I am doing makeup since last 20 years and still now in some new eyeliner art design i feel starter myself. So every body from all of us have same feelings and each time we do makeup we feel there should must be some more fine and smooth touch in it. Some time we feel it should be more advance and decent style or the makeup art.

So today I will teach you a new technique to apply eyeliner makeup it works for beginner and experts. In start you need these tools for vector measurements but once you get expert you can do it without spoon. But keep in mind use spoon very carefully and I will not be responsible in any damages or loss if you use it in wrong way or miss use the spoon.

  • So draw the line with handle of spoon as shown in first step.
  • Use liqued eyeliner and trace the highest lash line. You can also use a comb for more Excellency. 
  • Draw connecting line in between lash line and flick using spoon.

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